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Alloy steel castings

  • Common Aliases:high manganese steel alloy casting, high-chromium alloy casting, micro-alloy castings
  • Main Material:high chromium, high manganese steel, micro-alloyed
  • Casting Technology:sand casting,lost foam foundry ,v-process foundry
  • Applicable Materials:quartz, gold ore, iron ore, cement clinker, copper ore, pyrrhotite
  • Applications:cement, silicate products, refractory materials, fertilizer, ferrous
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  Alloy steel castings are produced at our own foundries and manufacturing facilities. As a result, we have complete control over quality at every step of the process, from the selection of raw materials right on through to final production.

        We can provide Alloy steel castings, such as jaw plate, hammer,blow bar,ball mill liner etc. And we can also manufacture products with different materials according to the drawings supplied by our customers. 
       Alloy liner mill
        Generally refers to a ball mill liners mill liner (cylinder liner, diaphragm plate, grate plate, etc.), mill liner, Raymond mill liner, high-chromium alloy wear-resistant liner vanadium, chromium content 12% to 30%, which is manufactured by powder metallurgy high-chromium alloy, having the following characteristics: high wear resistance, high compressive strength high corrosion resistance, good dimensional stability.
        Crusher alloy liner
        Mainly refers to the crusher liner, jaw plate, liner counter, roll skin, Roll, etc., using a new type of super wear-resistant materials, advanced processing technology to manufacturing, to enhance the wear resistance of these wearing parts, while also increased its service life and replacement more convenient, low maintenance costs, it can work uninterrupted, saving production process time and improve production efficiency, low-speed, low wear, low pollution and many other advantages
        Wear-resistant alloy hammer
        Bimetal composite hammer Hubei Jinyangshi summarize various wear-resistant materials using a scientific formula to abandon the shortcomings of traditional materials, thermal double metal composite technology to optimize the wear resistance of the hammer, hammer enhance the resilience . Compared to the high-chromium alloy hammer high manganese steel hammer, abrasion resistance, the high-chromium alloy hammer in the market with more customers. Our newly developed a new type of micro-alloy composite hammer, using a unique patented technology and production technology, lower cost, longer life.
        Multiple micro-alloyed high wear-resistant jaws plate
        Hubei Jinyangshi by analyzing the wear mechanism of the jaw crusher jaw, developed high carbon Si-Mn multi-alloy steel of high wear resistance, and applies it to the jaw crusher jaw plate, Life longer than high manganese steel life jaws .
        Micro Multiple Alloying High chrome hammer
        The company developed a micro Multiple Alloying high chrome cast iron wear plate hammer, with good toughness in the Model 1214-type crusher crusher service life greatly improved, and achieved good results, with a wear-resistant , long life and other characteristics
        Hubei JYS is a manufacturer of steel castings, the main high-chromium alloy castings, high manganese alloy castings, wear-resistant alloy steel castings, and other multi-alloy steel castings, the company has "a new patented micro-alloying additives technology ", and by the joint Universities, trial and development of new micro-alloy wear parts wear resistance Life longer than the normal alloy castings!
        Please contact us with you requirement or if you do not see the part you need listed above.  vip@jinyangshi.com, +86-0717-3286139 .


  • COMPETITIVE PRICESThe company has a captive power plant and foundry sand, low production costs, factory outlets, a strong price advantage

  • BETTER QUALITYCrusher wear parts are produced at our own foundries and manufacturing facilities. As a result, we have complete control over quality at every step of the process, from the selection of raw materials right on through to final production.

  • HIGH EFFICIENCY99% qualified rate of spare parts, 97% qualified rate of finished products, 99% qualified rate of finished products left fty,Processing rate of customer feedback is up to 100%

  • CUSTOM CASTINGSupplying Custom Wear Parts for Mining Machinery, Mixing Plant and Construction Equipment.


physical paraments    chemical composition  
yield strength 60000--85000 psi Mn 12.0--14.0
tensile strength 120000--130000 psi C 1.00--1.25
elongation 35%--50% Si ≤0.60
rolling hardness 230--255 bhn P ≤0.05
the maximum hardness 550bhn S ≤0.04
magnetic NO Fe 85.0—88.0
Here is only some type for High chrome casting. As the improvement of product, the specifications are changed. If you need the further information, please contact our sales or Email to us.


The company has two sand production line, a V-method casting production lines, a lost foam producon, a machine shop; two 5T electric furnace, two 3T intermediate frequency electric furnace, two 1T intermediate frequency electric furnace, the largest can do 12 tons of castings, annual production capacity of 15,000 tons or more, to create South Africa's largest wear-resistant materials production base.

  • sand production line

    sand production line
  • lost foam producon line

    lost foam producon line
  • V-method casting production lines

    V-method casting production lines
  • Heat Treatment

    Heat Treatment


Dialogue with international, multinational construction group, the company has an independent import and export business qualification, and long-term exchanges and cooperation overseas countries, not only the company's products to maintain a high level, and won wide international market, the products are exported to Russia, Kazakhstan Stan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Vietnam, India, the United States, Australia and other 30 countries and regions.

  • United States

    United States
  • Canada

  • Korea

  • Russia



Hubei JYS advanced wear resistant material technology Co.Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of wear-resistant castings, mainly engaged in high manganese steel, high chrome, wear-resistant alloy steel castings, the annual provision of other manufacturers of spare parts processing business, no matter what the manufacturers what models wear castings, as long as you can provide drawings, samples or molds, we can produce! Tel: + 86-0717-3286139 E-mail: vip@jinyangshi.com

Our sales staff will be the first time to get in touch with you, to provide you with the latest price .

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Our sales staff will be the first time to get in touch with you, to provide you with the latest price .



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